Published by Anna Navatsyk on 28 May 2015

VividCortex Sponsoring MongoDB Open House Hosted by Percona

Fellow lovers of tech, We are pumped to sponsor the MongoDB Open House hosted by Percona. The event will be across the street from MongoDB World at the New York Hilton Midtown on June 1st so make plans quickly. It is free and all are welcome. Below are featured talks: “MATH is Hard: TTL Index Configuration and Considerations,” by Kim Wilkins of Rackspace “Implementing MongoDB 3.0 Storage Engine,” with Facebook’s Igor Canadi and Christian Rober of Percona “Is it Fast: Measuring MongoDB Performance,” by Tim Callaghan of Acme Benchmarking “MongoDB for MySQL Users,” by Percona’s Alexander Rubin “Rolling out RocksDB in Production,” by Charity Majors of Facebook “Percona TokuMX and Percona TokuMXSE Performance Benefits,” by Percona’s Jon Tobin If that wealth of expertise and knowledge is not enough to convince you, there will also be free t-shirts, food, drinks and prizes.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 27 May 2015

Baron Schwartz to Speak at Web Performance MeetUp in Boston

Are you trying to scale performance monitoring? Interested in the complexities of data sampling? If you are in the Boston area Wednesday, June 10th, stop by the Wayfair offices for an evening of pizza and tech. Ben Clark, the chief architect at Wayfair, will open with a brief talk about how Wayfair is scaling performance monitoring. Baron Schwartz will then discuss solutions VividCortex uses to effectively sample streams of data for more effective monitoring.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 26 May 2015

How We Ensure VividCortex Never Loses Data

Adrian Cockcroft really nailed it when he said that a monitoring system has to be more reliable than what it’s monitoring. I don’t mind admitting that in our first year or so, we had some troubles with losing telemetry data. Customers were never sure whether their systems were offline, the agents were down, or we were not collecting the data. Even a few seconds of missing data is glaringly obvious when you have 1-second resolution data.

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Published by Owen Zanzal on 22 May 2015

Consul for Cluster Health Monitoring

If you’re not familiar with Consul, it’s what I call a cluster management tool. It’s composed of a handful of features such as “Service Discovery”, “Key Value Store”, “DNS Server”, “Health Checking”, and it’s “Data Center Aware”. It ultimately allows you to manage an infrastructure composed of many applications, dynamically configure them, route traffic to the healthy ones, and reroute traffic away from those that are not healthy. At VividCortex we don’t use most of Consul’s features (at least not yet).

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 22 May 2015

The Five Stages of Debugging

Because it’s Friday afternoon and you may have had a long week, our brainiacs present… The Five Stages Of Debugging: Stage One. Denial - “What do you mean it’s broken!? That code has worked forever!” Stage Two. Anger - “[Explitive], now I have to fix this broken piece of crap…” Stage Three. Bargaining - “Hmm, maybe if I hack this bit up here that will fix it?” Stage Four. Depression - “It’s all broken, it can’t be fixed.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 21 May 2015

Updates To Our Fault Detection Algorithm

Unexpected downtime is one of your worst nightmares, but most attempts to find problems before they happen are threshold-based. Thresholds create noise, and alerts create false positives so often you may miss actual problems. When we began building VividCortex, we introduced Adaptive Fault Detection, a feature to detect problems through a combination of statistical anomaly detection and queueing theory. It’s our patent-pending technique to detect system stalls in the database and disk.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 20 May 2015

DBA Personalities: DISC and Values Models

What personality characteristics do great DBAs share? What motivates them? If you’re not sure why you should care, you’re probably not a hiring manager! Hiring and retaining highly skilled people is consistently listed as a top challenge for CIOs. CIOs strongly desire to predict whether someone’s a good fit for a particular role. Enter the personality profile assessment. These are quantitative tools used by many companies to try to learn as much as possible about candidates during the recruiting process.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 19 May 2015

Webinar June 2nd: Catena

Join us Tuesday, June 2nd at 2 PM EST (6 PM GMT), as brainiac Preetam Jinka covers the unique characteristics of time series data, time series indexing, and the basics of log-structured merge (LSM) trees and B-trees. After establishing some basic concepts, he will explain how Catena’s design is inspired by many of the existing systems today and why it works much better than its present alternatives. This webinar will help you understand the unique challenges of high-velocity time-series data in general, and VividCortex’s somewhat unique workload in particular.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 15 May 2015

Live-Updating Data For Continuous Monitoring

We’ve added a feature to VividCortex that will help you keep tabs on your systems more easily. At the top right corner of the app, near the time selector, you’ll see an auto-refresh widget: Click on this and it’ll change from a “play” to a “stop” icon. While it’s selected, the app will refresh once a minute and load an updated set of data. If you navigate anywhere or make any changes–basically, if you interact with the app–it’ll stop auto-refreshing so it doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 14 May 2015

Free eBook: The Strategic IT Manager's Guide To Building A Scalable DBA Team

How do top-performing companies manage vast amounts of data, while keeping it secure, available, and performant? How do they get teams to tie together disparate databases such as MySQL, Cassandra, Oracle, and Hadoop? Does your organization demonstrate this level of mastery over your data? If not, do you know how to achieve it? The newest free ebook from VividCortex will help you transform your DBA team into a strategic center of excellence.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on 13 May 2015

Announcing VividCortex's Free Network Analyzer Tools for MySQL and PostgreSQL

We have released two free tools that will help MySQL and PostgreSQL DBAs understand the queries their database servers execute. As you probably know, we have spent nearly 3 years building the most advanced and efficient network traffic capture and decoding tools for MySQL and PostgreSQL. With the release of these free tools, we’re placing all the power of our traffic analysis libraries in your hands. In our initial release, the tools sniff the network traffic and print out queries, with microsecond-resolution timing information, in a format that pt-query-digest understands natively.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 7 May 2015

Webinar Recap - 6 Ways Ansible Can Improve Your Workflow

This webinar is a must-see for developers, system administrators or anyone looking for ways to improve time to market. You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of how Ansible can complement and boost your operations flow. If you did not have a chance to join the webinar, the slide deck is embedded below. You can also register for a recording here.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 5 May 2015

Press Release: VividCortex Receives Award, Continues to Expand

VividCortex received the MySQL Community Award for Application of the Year. This is an acknowledgement of the work put into developing a smarter monitoring tool providing deep query insights. We continue to be extremely excited about what’s on the horizon. Read the full press release here.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 4 May 2015

Infographic: VividCortex's Progress in 2015

The VividCortex brainiacs continue taking strides toward better database monitoring, one feature at a time. See our 2015 highlights here and contact us to see how we can improve your IT efficiency.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 1 May 2015

Free Ticket to Sold Out Monitorama Conference

VividCortex has one ticket to the SOLD OUT MONITORAMA 2015 conference, and we want to give it to someone deserving. Fill out the form for your chance to win a ticket for yourself or someone else, and enjoy your journey to better monitoring!

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 30 Apr 2015

Introducing the Power of Notifications

Since VividCortex launched its database monitoring platform, many users have requested some type of notification system. To address this, we took particular care in building a feature that proactively warns users of potential problems without sending multiple false alerts. We are excited to announce notifications via email, PagerDuty and VictorOps. This post addresses basic functionalities, but please explore the feature and provide feedback to What triggers a notification? Our events dashboard records behaviors such as high swap activity, disc faults, replication stopping, mysql server restarts and more.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 29 Apr 2015

Daily Reports Send Top Queries to Your Inbox

We know you are busy, and checking the VividCortex interface is not always on the top of your priority list. That’s why we implemented our proactive reporting feature. Each day, your team will receive a recap of the top ten queries of each environment from the day prior. You can see at a glance whether systems were running smoothly or if you need to look into performance. If daily reports are creating too much noise, you can subscribe to weekly reports instead.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 28 Apr 2015

Improvements in VividCortex's Query Digesting Algorithm

At VividCortex, the algorithm our agents use to digest queries needs to be fast and reliable. Accurately digesting queries into logical groups is important to providing a useful view of data in the UI - digest too few or too many and it becomes difficult to understand what the Top-Queries view is showing. Though our algorithm is sophisticated, one of our PostgreSQL clients experienced an issue with query digestion. They had many queries of the form “select a,b,c from table where c = any(values (1), (2), (3)…)” which were not being collapsed correctly.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 27 Apr 2015

Percona Live Presentation: Encrypting Data in MySQL with Go

Our CEO and founder, Baron Schwartz, spoke on encrypting data in MySQL with Go at Percona Live a couple weeks ago. Below are the slides. If you are interested in learning more about the integration between MySQL and Go, you can register for this webinar.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 21 Apr 2015

VividCortex Receives the MySQL Application of the Year Award

Last week at Percona Live, VividCortex received the MySQL community award for 2015 Application of the Year. Baron Schwartz, our founder and CEO, is quoted, “It’s an honor to receive this award from the MySQL community. We aim to raise the bar for database monitoring the same way MySQL has raised the bar for open source databases. Our product would not be at this point without the dedication and help of our employees, friends, customers and investors.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 13 Apr 2015

Potential Perils of Using Google Calendar and Hangouts

Lots of businesses are using Google Apps, and with good reason. Google Calendar streamlines schedule coordination and is especially vital to use with sales prospects because the opportunity cost of getting a timezone wrong or having a prospect fail to show up is too high. However, the Google approach still has a couple problems. First, Google Hangout is possibly the single worst way to have a call due to all kinds of plugin and permission issues.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 8 Apr 2015

How VividCortex Uses Redis

Last week, we introduced VividCortex support for Redis. One of the reasons we expanded our product capabilities is because of our own use of Redis. According to Baron, “We rely on Redis to help analyze the massive amounts of time-series data we receive from agents running on customer systems.” Let’s go a little deeper… VividCortex keeps tables with all the known metrics and queries for many hosts measured at 1-second granularity.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 6 Apr 2015

VividCortex php-recaptcha-validator

We recently updated our angular-recaptcha to use the new Google’s simplified captcha. Validations must be done server side, so one of our brainiacs created php-recaptcha-validator as a companion to angular-recaptcha. You can do this in whatever language you prefer; this is an option for PHP and is MIT licensed. The README file contains the simple steps to install and use it. To install, simply add your project requirement using composer You will need to instantiate a new validator with your secret key provided by Google.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 3 Apr 2015

Shortcut Your Way Through VividCortex

Appreciate efficiency? So do we. Your fingers are moving all day, and we want to make your navigation experience as streamlined as possible. When you are using our app, hit “?” to view the list of shortcuts below. Notice each “Go to” command shortcut includes “G” and the first letter of the feature. For instance, if you want to “Go to Hosts,” click “GH.” Simple. Smooth. Saves seconds. Don’t have access to our app?

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on 2 Apr 2015

VividCortex Announces Database Monitoring for Redis

We are excited to announce that VividCortex now supports Redis, a popular open source database. After announcing PostgreSQL support in January, our brainiacs continue to create a unified solution for diverse systems. Baron Schwartz explains the product development further. “Redis is an important database for VividCortex, both strategically and commercially, due to its incredible popularity and our own usage. We rely on Redis to help analyze the massive amounts of time-series data we receive from agents running on customer systems.

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