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How VividCortex Uses Redis

by Anna Navatsyk on 08 Apr 2015 How VividCortex Uses Redis

Last week, we introduced VividCortex support for Redis. One of the reasons we expanded our product capabilities is because of our own use of Redis. According to Baron, “We rely... Read more →

VividCortex php-recaptcha-validator

by Anna Navatsyk on 06 Apr 2015 VividCortex php-recaptcha-validator

We recently updated our angular-recaptcha to use the new Google’s simplified captcha. Validations must be done server side, so one of our brainiacs created php-recaptcha-validator as a companion to angular-recaptcha.... Read more →

Shortcut Your Way Through VividCortex

by Anna Navatsyk on 03 Apr 2015 Shortcut Your Way Through VividCortex

Appreciate efficiency? So do we. Your fingers are moving all day, and we want to make your navigation experience as streamlined as possible. When you are using our app, hit... Read more →