About VividCortex

We founded VividCortex to bring technical intelligence to the ubiquitous computing world. Technical intelligence, in contrast to intelligence quotient (IQ), is the kind of insight you need to manage complex information systems.

Our products help our customers measure, analyze and understand system behavior at a very deep level. There are good tools in the application and network layers, but usable tools for servers and databases are practically nonexistent. We're fixing that, focusing first on tools for MySQL.


Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz Baron Schwartz
Co-Founder & CEO

Baron is one of the world’s leading experts on MySQL, and has helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, and mobile properties. His award-winning tools are used by tens of thousands of large MySQL deployments, including Facebook. His book High Performance MySQL is widely acknowledged as the definitive reference for MySQL. As an author, consultant, speaker, and conference organizer, Baron has deep connections in the MySQL and DevOps communities and beyond, extending to a variety of databases, cloud and big data, and open source. Before founding VividCortex, Baron led sales, marketing, consulting, support, and software engineering at Percona, the leading MySQL consulting and support company.

Kyle Redinger

Kyle Redinger Kyle Redinger
Co-Founder & CMO

Following a tenure at Microsoft, Kyle has started, managed, grown, and sold businesses across a wide range of verticals including consulting, media, fitness, and event management. In addition, Kyle has extensive experience helping consulting clients sell their businesses, including exits to Fortune 500 buyers. Entrepreneurial by nature, Kyle is skilled in strategy, sales and marketing, and business development. He holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business.


Alejandro Martínez

Alejandro Martínez Alejandro Martínez

Ale is an expert systems programmer who manages our APIs, works heavily in our agents and enjoys the occasional beer. In his spare time, he plays StarCraft and real football.

Andrés Techera

Andrés Techera Andrés Techera

Andres provides the artistic influence for our landing page and does our CSS and HTML implementation. He directs his positive energy towards team happiness and his guitar.

César Varela

César Varela César Varela

Not only is Cesar a very proficient CSS, HTML and Javascript programmer, he codes faster than warp speed. In his spare time, Cesar is a big soccer fan and likes asado.

Gor Vardanyan

Gor Vardanyan Gor Vardanyan

Gor is the brain behind our UI and design. He helps make the app easy and enjoyable to use. In his spare time, Gor races mountain bikes and GoPros his extreme life.

Gustavo Kristic

Gustavo Kristic Gustavo Kristic

Gustavo is a senior systems programmer who works on agents, APIs and solving customer problems. Gustavo can best be described as the godfather. He gets stuff done.

Ignacio Nin

Ignacio Nin Ignacio Nin

Ignacio manages our servers. He’s our resident AWS expert who manages our systems. When Ignacio isn’t working, he’s probably drinking beer and enjoying life.

Jasmine Rochelle Witmer

Jasmine Rochelle Witmer Jasmine Rochelle Witmer
Master of the Office

Jasmine manages the office, helping with everything from recruiting, to HR to marketing. In her spare time, she teaches ballet and manages performing arts productions.

Jeff Uphoff

Jeff Uphoff Jeff Uphoff

Jeff’s been in the command line longer than most of the team has been alive. Not only is he a skilled programmer, Jeff also has more esoteric joke knowledge than any human alive.

John Berryman

John Berryman John Berryman

John’s an experienced systems programmer and self-described data sadist. John’s positive attitude doesn’t go unnoticed. John also loves beer and partitioned lunch foods.

Jorge Sosa

Jorge Sosa Jorge Sosa

Jorge spends most of his time in the front end, wrangling with visualization and javascript. In his free time, he plays soccer and tabletop RPGs.

Miguel Trías

Miguel Trías Miguel Trías

Miguel was our first hire and manages the web front end. He is skilled in general awesomeness. Miguel can be found tending to birds and on nature walks.

Owen Zanzal

Owen Zanzal Owen Zanzal

Owen splits his duties between front end and our chatbot. He is skilled in the deployment process, but also has an eye for UI. Owen plays the guitar and brews amazing beers.

Preetam Jinka

Preetam Jinka Preetam Jinka

Preetam is an intern whom we encourage to drop out of school. Preetam spends his time teaching the team proper math, deploying production code, and tinkering with his guitar.


Paul Mikesell

Advisor & Investor

Paul is the founder of Isilon Systems (sold to EMC for $2.2B) and Clustrix. He is a well-known technical leader with experience from system design to the IPO process.

Jaffray Woodriff

Advisor & Investor

Jaffray is the co-founder and CEO of QIM, a managed futures hedgefund with over $3B in assets.

Alex Benik

Advisor & Investor

Alex is a principal at Battery Ventures and led an investment in VividCortex. Alex focuses on investments in infrastructure technologies for Enterprise and Data Centers.

Mark Callaghan


Mark leads MySQL and Database engineering at Facebook, managing one of the world's largest MySQL databases. Prior to Facebook, he led the AdWords database at Google.

Neil Gunther


Neil is a computer information systems researcher known for his contributions to the performance management world. Notably, he invented the Universal Scalability Law.

Will Foshay

Board Member & Investor

Will founded and has served as the president of Felton Group since 2008, and has been involved in building a portfolio of 23 investments in early stage ventures.

Adrian Cockcroft

Advisor & Investor

Adrian, part of the Battery Ventures, is a well-known technologist in the cloud computing world. Most recently, he lead the technology behind Netflix's video distribution.