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About VividCortex

VividCortex is the first unified suite of performance management tools specifically designed for today's large-scale, polyglot persistence tier.

Modern applications use many database technologies, all of them sharded or clustered. The explosion of data creates an ever-widening data-to-human gap and management burden. Monitoring tools have simply not kept up with these fundamental changes. While application performance management (APM) tools are a great solution for the app code, they can't look deeply inside the database.

At VividCortex we believe purpose-built Database Performance Management is the answer. Databases are different from the other app tiers. They're high-performance and stateful, and they aren't easily instrumented. They are special and they need highly specialized tools. And developer and operations staff need an application-wide, unified, database-centric view of the work the persistence tier is doing, the resources needed to do the work, and the time spent using or waiting for those resources.

The VividCortex solution is a fundamentally new approach to this problem. Built from first principles and based on advanced statistics and queueing theory, VividCortex is redefining database performance management.


Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz
Founder & CEO

Baron is one of the world’s leading experts on MySQL, and has helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties. His award-winning tools are used by tens of thousands of large MySQL deployments, including Facebook and Twitter. His book High Performance MySQL is widely acknowledged as the definitive reference for MySQL. As an author, consultant, speaker, and conference organizer, Baron has deep connections in the MySQL and DevOps communities and beyond, extending to a variety of databases, cloud and big data, and open source. Before founding VividCortex, Baron led sales, marketing, consulting, support, and software engineering at Percona, the leading MySQL consulting and support company.

Investors And Advisors

Paul Mikesell

Advisor & Investor

Paul is the founder of Isilon Systems and Clustrix. He is a well-known technical leader with experience from system design to the IPO process.

Jaffray Woodriff

Advisor & Investor

Jaffray is the co-founder and CEO of QIM, a managed futures hedgefund with over $3B in assets.

Alex Benik

Advisor & Investor

Alex is a principal at Battery Ventures and led an investment in VividCortex. Alex focuses on investments in infrastructure technologies for Enterprise and Data Centers.

Mark Callaghan


Mark leads MySQL and Database engineering at Facebook, managing one of the world's largest MySQL databases. Prior to Facebook, he led the AdWords database at Google.

Neil Gunther


Neil is a computer information systems researcher known for his contributions to the performance management world. Notably, he invented the Universal Scalability Law.

Will Foshay

Board Member & Investor

Will founded and has served as the president of Felton Group since 2008, and has been involved in building a portfolio of 23 investments in early stage ventures.

Adrian Cockcroft

Advisor & Investor

Adrian, our technical mentor at Battery Ventures, is a well-known technologist in the cloud computing world. Most recently, he led the technology behind Netflix's video distribution.