Visualize and compare queries

Answer the Question: “How did this query look one week ago?”
See how queries change after code deploys or other events

VividCortex measures MySQL queries in fine detail and classifies them into families. You can analyze and compare workload across one or many servers.

Our Top Queries tools show you how queries change over time, after a code deploy, or with usage pattern changes. You can rank queries by time, count, errors, and more.

Visualize resource utilization

We tell you how much CPU, I/O, Disk, or Network a query consumes.

No other tool gives you this level of visibility.

Happy People

Our customers save time diagnosing and resolving performance issues.

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Detailed Visibility with 1-Second Granularity

Industry-leading 1-second granularity means you don't miss details that are discarded with standard 1 and 5 minute metrics.

Chart thousands of metrics from MySQL and the OS with fast, detailed charts.

Install & diagnose in seconds

Deploy in seconds, with no code or configuration changes
No proxies, logging, polling or man-in-the-middle.

Automate fault detection

We automatically detect server stalls, disks getting full, and other common problems.

We do the heavy lifting for you; we capture and display information about what went wrong.

Manage Your System with Curated Events

Automatically capture MySQL and Linux events.
Synthesize complex information quickly.

Analyze OS Processes

View CPU, Memory and other OS metrics in 1-second granularity, per-process.

Notice how VividCortex, when measuring over 10k queries/sec, only takes up a fraction of system resources.

And don’t forget all the other benefits!

  • Find out when critical faults happen
  • Eliminate the need to manage your own metrics infrastructure
  • Use intelligent filtering to quickly navigate through hundreds of servers
  • Get MySQL specific smarts built into your monitoring
  • Let the person who made changes understand the impact
  • Spend more time doing useful things